1 verb
1 (T) to remove something from a surface, using the edge of a knife, stick etc: Scrape the carrots and slice them thinly. | scrape sth away/off etc: I tried to scrape some of the mud off my boots. | We scraped away several layers of old varnish. | scrape sth clean: The plates had all been scraped clean.
2 (intransitive always + adv/prep, transitive) to rub against a rough surface in a way that causes slight damage or injury, or to make something do this
(+ on/against etc): The car exhaust was hanging down and scraping the ground. | scrape sth on/against etc: I scraped my knee painfully on the concrete.
3 (I, T) to make an unpleasant noise by rubbing roughly against a surface: Chairs scraped loudly as they stood up. | scrape (sth) on/down/against etc: Her fingernails scraped down the blackboard.
4 scrape home especially BrE to win a race, election, or competition by a very small amount: Johnson scraped home just milliseconds ahead of Lewis.
5 scrape a hole to make a hole or hollow place in the ground by rubbing the surface
6 scrape (the bottom of) the barrel informal to have to use something even though it is not very good because there is nothing better available
—see also: bow and scrape bow 1 (4), pinch and scrape pinch 1 (5), scrape/scratch a living living 2 (1) scrape by phrasal verb (I)
1 to have just enough money to live: They just managed to scrape by on Fred's tiny salary.
2 especially AmE to only just succeed in passing an examination or dealing with a difficult situation
scrape in/into phrasal verb (I, T) to only just succeed in getting a job, place at university, position in government etc: He just scraped into college. | Labour scraped in by a small majority. scrape through phrasal verb (I, T) to only just succeed in passing an examination or dealing with a difficult situation: Dani just scraped through her exams. scrape sth together/up phrasal verb (T) to get enough money for a particular purpose, when this is difficult: She scraped together the last of her savings to buy the cottage. 2 noun
1 (singular) the unpleasant noise made when one surface rubs roughly against another: We heard the scrape of a chair downstairs and then footsteps.
2 (C) a situation that is difficult or slightly dangerous: He got himself into all sorts of scrapes as a boy.
3 (C) a mark or slight injury caused by rubbing against a rough surface: We came away from the accident with only a few cuts and scrapes.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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